Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Listening to it closely...

This morning I was listening to Trey Songz's "Trey Day" album and the song "Store Run" came up. The melody is your standard smooth R&B song and really romantic... but then upon listening to the lyrics real closely... here's what's in the song:

She want it and I want it too
but I'm unprepared.
And we came so close to goin' raw dog that we both got scared.
And she said, "I ain't ready to have no babies."
Jumped up put my clothes back on.
I was just about to get some
had to make a store run.

Store run
pack of three up at the counter.
Store run
be back in less than half an hour.
Store run
I need protection and I'm out
wait for me, keep it warm
I had to make a store run.

Speedin', switchin' lanes, and I'm flyin,
and tryin to get back to her
before she changes her mind.
Cuz if I take too long,
she might put her clothes back on.

Ahahah sooo... basically it's about a guy getting lucky but not so lucky cuz he didn't have any protection with him... gotta do a store run :p

Brideshead Revisited

Was reading TWoP and the recapper mentioned "Brideshead Revisited"... then I realized that it's been awhile since I heard that reference... so naturally I went to Wikipedia and started reading up on it and found out that they had a new adaptation of the book... starring Matthew Goode as Charles! hee..

The movie promo poster is actually very intriguing and capturing the essence of the main characters desire... Charles looking at Julia, Julia looking out, Sebastian looking at Charles, while Lady Marchmain looking at the trio disapprovingly... hee

May wanna check out this adaptation.