Tuesday, January 31, 2006

And thus it begins

Okay, now I'm not so happy... very sick right now... I can't eat anything too salty, greasy, spicy, sweet... well basically, anything but the okayu rice porridge. In the beginning I thought it was not so much a big deal, just a cold... boy was I wrong... :(

Well, after this entry, I plan on just sleeping the night away...

But before that, on a lighter note.

Saw "Pride & Prejudice" the other day, and I'm glad to say that I wasn't disappointed. At first I had some problems with Keira Knightley being Lizzy, but then after 10 minutes in, I started warming up to her. Oh and the new Mr. Darcy is quite nice too :)

The new film version's cinematography is quite breathtaking, and I gotta say it's a very beautiful film (albeit a bit too hollywood at times).

okay, now that I've done praising the film.. gotta go sleep off this stupid cold...

Monday, January 30, 2006

Update in the links!

I just added the banner and link of arrested development in the "link" section.

gotta save that show!! SAVE OUR BLUTHS!

Everybody go watch Arrested Development! (oh wait.. there's no more episode?)

Friday, January 27, 2006

I can't believe it.. can you believe it?!

Thanks to all who sympathized with me about the makeup situation, that had been resolved. I had been gradually wearing less and less makeup, that now I barely put on any and nobody ever noticed anymore (or just gave up on mentioning...)

Other than that, my new office people ROCK! the Kacho is cool, and he's like a dad. Really funny though cuz I can only understand half of what he's saying (he can only speak Kagoshima ben), but he's hilarious. heh~~ And my kakari cho is really nice too! heh~~ The other day I went to a small nomikai with them and my new sup Minocchi (who is not so unfamiliar..), and I got to know them a bit better too. My kakaricho actually (after my kacho left) said that our kacho is probably one of the best boss that he has ever worked with. I gotta tell you, in my previous ka, there was no praising bosses... only making fun of them... This is a nice change.

Work had be just hectic... with the shinenkais and all. I think I had about 6 of them, all with different people. And, I'm afraid that there will be more to come... but probably not called shinenkai anymore. And because of that, and the over-scheduling of school visits and daycare visits. I think I got too exhausted, and got some germs from the kids... I got horribly sick yesterday. I was so sick that I couldn't even stand up. As soon as I try to sit straight, I felt the walls were spinning. I had to call in sick and re-schedule another whole day of school visit and evening eikaiwa.

Today I finally felt better and got to work, and it was only alright. I still felt really queasy in stomach... I had stomach flu... yeah, the flu that kids or babies get all the time, but not so much in adults... :p

Let's hope that I'll be better by tomorrow.. whew~

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

First day at work in 2006

And I got a not-so-subtle hint that I should probably wear makeup to work... I never thought it's necessary but then because of the merge and the change of new office.. the new ladies in the office suddenly kept looking at my face... as if trying to find out whether I put on makeup this morning or not... maybe tomorrow I'll put on some lipstick and eye makeup... sigh... I really don't know what the big deal it is...

Anyways... other than that it was fine... if you don't count the times that I tried to get my old work computer to connect to the LAN... couldn't use internet, thus couldn't do anything. I couldn't even access my old files because I put them into the network folder and deleted everything from my 2GB harddrive (which the actual space that I could use was like 700 MB...)

But today, we had our shinenkai, and the funniest thing.. our kacho has been expecting his first grandson since the expected due date Dec 24th... and today, during the enkai, a phone call to his wife's phone (yes, his wife came too hee hee) that the baby is born. It was kinda weird... this new 課 (division) ... it's like everybody knows everybody else's business... but in a nice way.

OOOh... thought I would end this entry in a kinda funny note... the other day I went to Daiwa and guess who came!! Anpan Man!!! heh heh~ There were soooo many people that it was just insane... but in a cute way :) lots and lots of kids

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, everyone! Hope you're all enjoying a great holiday!!

Since it's the new year and now that I'm in Japan... Might as well do what they do. I went to the Terukuni Shrine to do Hatsumoude to pray for the new year... (and man oh man, soooo many people! I lined up in front of the shrine for like half an hour just to get to the front and pray for like 30 seconds). I got myself a omikuji and I only got shokichi 小吉 which is like small fortune... basically I'll have some difficulties this year but then If I try hard enough (がんばる) then I'll be able to pull it through. Geez, this is like the 3rd time I've had the similar kuji... maybe they're in fact all the same.. then why do I keep paying money to get them..??

Anyways... after the hatsumoude, I went to Amu for some shopping (half because tenmonkan was not open for new year's day... :p), and look what I found!!! A pair of boots that I actually liked! and the last pair too! I'm sooo happy and after I bought them, I was already mentally planning the outfit to go with them... unfortunately I won't be able to wear them for work, but I guess perhaps I'll just wear them whenever... like when I go shopping at the Daiwa supermarket... :p