Wednesday, January 04, 2006

First day at work in 2006

And I got a not-so-subtle hint that I should probably wear makeup to work... I never thought it's necessary but then because of the merge and the change of new office.. the new ladies in the office suddenly kept looking at my face... as if trying to find out whether I put on makeup this morning or not... maybe tomorrow I'll put on some lipstick and eye makeup... sigh... I really don't know what the big deal it is...

Anyways... other than that it was fine... if you don't count the times that I tried to get my old work computer to connect to the LAN... couldn't use internet, thus couldn't do anything. I couldn't even access my old files because I put them into the network folder and deleted everything from my 2GB harddrive (which the actual space that I could use was like 700 MB...)

But today, we had our shinenkai, and the funniest thing.. our kacho has been expecting his first grandson since the expected due date Dec 24th... and today, during the enkai, a phone call to his wife's phone (yes, his wife came too hee hee) that the baby is born. It was kinda weird... this new 課 (division) ... it's like everybody knows everybody else's business... but in a nice way.

OOOh... thought I would end this entry in a kinda funny note... the other day I went to Daiwa and guess who came!! Anpan Man!!! heh heh~ There were soooo many people that it was just insane... but in a cute way :) lots and lots of kids


Midori said...

Sounds like you have been busy!! I remember going to Daiwa around this time of year a few years ago and the Power Rangers (or whetever they are caleld) were there.. the place was packed!!

medea said...

Grrr, nosy people. Wear make-up if you want, but certainly don't do it just to please some busybodies.

Sorry, I get it too. Then I have to ask them exactly what brand of make-up they would recommend in Japan that fits with freckles without making me look like pancake face. No one ever mentions it again.