Saturday, July 19, 2003

Just went to my very first J-pop concert and it was fantastic!!!

Well, it's hosted by the record company Avex Trax and it's called "a-nation" outdoor summer festa, at Kasai Park facing Tokyo Bay. ...saw Ayu, Do As Infinity, Day after tomorrow, BoA, Koda Kumi, dream, Exile, and Every Little Thing... it was pretty nice seeing lots of artists all at once and listening to all the songs that i like of them.

It all started with dream, a girl group... well to be honest, I've never heard of their songs, so I was only standing anxious for the next one up.

And it was awesome when Exile came out and when they sang "breezin' - Together," I was just screaming on top of my lungs and singing along with them. Ah... it was just too good :p They were fantastic in live!! so glad :)

next up, Koda Kumi...well, didn't know her that much either, so just kinda check out her dance and also what other people are doing...

Then Day after tomorrow! I was surprised that not many people were much interested in them... I thought DaT was pretty good and I really like the lead vocalist's voice, oh well...

BoA!!! she's really REALLY cute..hehehe but her japanese kinda slipped a bit and she looked somehow tired when she danced, but she had the best entrance of all the artists. just when we were wondering where she'd show up as the backup dancers were dancing, she just jumped out of the centre of the stage in an elevated platform! it was pretty cool.

aaah... Do As Infinity was the best! It was just too cool when the came out, the whole place went wild!! I was standing on my toes and screaming the lyrics. waving my a-nation fan extremely fast. I think I had tears in my eyes... oooh yeah, the fan, it lighted up and looked exceptionally good when it got dark. really great when 20 thousands of people are waving their fans..heheh

ELT...heheh Mocchi Kaori was on fire!! aaaaaaaaaaah~ I was trying to take some pictures and not get discovered by the staff around the place,.. well basically photography and videotaping was prohibitted, but...well, we all somehow snuck some shots here and there... Kaori's really cute in the big screen.. gotta take it...

the final artist was, of course, Hamasaki Ayumi. Ayu had the best visual effects on stage. all the lighting and backup dancers... I kinda took some short clips of her songs... hehehe sorry :p

over all it was just an awesome experience and I owed it all to my buddy Andrew~ If he didn't ask me if I wanted to come along, I wouldn't even know that such concert existed :p And it certainly helped ALOT when he let me stand on his stool...otherwise I would've just been able to look at backs of ppl's heads.

ooooh and the finale was fireworks..hehe the first of this year's summer~ that was a good surprise. ;)

bought some Ayupan goods for my dear sisters and had the interesting gyoza dog~ yum... then squeezing towards the station so we could finally go home after a 6 hours of standing and walking around... I was walking funny because of the long period of standing on the stool..heheh

SAIKOU DATTA!! Kanmuryou~~

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