Tuesday, September 27, 2005

So I suppose now I gotta do census in Japan too?!

Okay... now... I never liked it when I had to answer all these questions for Statistics Canada, and I thought doing it the same for the Japanese census would be just as annoying... hmm actually quite surprised that it was painlessly short. hee hee... however it includes questions like how big is your house... and they want like the exact square metres... I only gave them the approximate figure. How am I supposed to know...? Not like I was ever gonna measure it... ;p Anyway~ The people who are supposed to distribute the census papers are mostly from the city hall. I thought it would be somebody I know, but then hey, there are more than 600 people employed in the city hall, guess I wouldn't know them all ;)

Have been watching "Lost" season 1 these days and am, again, seriously addicted. I think sit com is out... and drama is so very in right now hee hee~ However, so many shows are just not the same anymore. Like "Gilmore Girls"... Seriously, I am SO not liking the show. If they don't fix it I might just stop watching it all together... but let's hope that it won't come to that.

The new season of "The Apprentice" is just so strange... everybody's so beautiful and apparently very successful in their own ways. And the people have gotten so fake that I can barely see the "reality" in the show anymore...


Von said...

I hated reality TV from the beginning - fake in the "reality" of it all. Until someone actually dies on Survivor, I really don't think it will represent ANYTHING real about survival skills. (Try living in the BC forest with only a knife to your name for a few days, and see if you can survive?)Wouldn't it be interesting if you actually saw a binge-purge cycle of a bulemic on America's Next Top Model? Now THAT would be entertaining.

I focus more on sitcoms, cartoons and dramas (CSI, Buffy etc.) I think now that Friends and Seinfeld are gone, the prime spot is up for grabs. I'm so glad that the Simpsons and the Family Guy are still running, as is Futurama, King of the Hill and Southpark. The hidden social and political satire is more than anything you'll ever get out of a drama or a sitcom. Does Everybody REALLY love Raymond? Cuz I sure don't. Now that I finally have cable, I can REALLY complain about all the crap on TV. I hope the good writing maintain the prime spots, instead of relying on cheap gags and canned laughter. Try the cartoons, they aren't just for kids any more.

Sorry to rant Sandy, thank god for bad TV, because it leaves more time for good books! :)

medea said...

But America's Top Model is good because it makes me feel so smart and so deep!

Apprentice was way better in the UK, but I still like this one. Lie, cheat, steal, and be downright A-holes, just don't do it when working with me!