Friday, November 18, 2005

Can you imagine?

Nanette, Joe and I went to Joyfull for some ice cream and drink bar earlier tonight, and as soon as we sat down, we did the regular "is there any SHS students in there from their schools" thing.. and interestingly, there's none.. but 4 kids from Kanoya High school were sitting in the corner and apparently discussing whether they should talk to Joe or not...

But then somehow Joe started this conversation with them asking them if they know David who's the ALT at Kanoya SHS. They all said yes and that they like him alot. So we started chatting, like right across from the walkway... while most the other people were watching us amusingly.

Their English was AMAZING!!! I never thought they would be that good, but hey, you never know... They're so much better than most of my adult English conversation class students! They all know which university they wanna go, and what they want to do in the universities.

Finally one boy (Miyawaki-kun) pulled out a camera and hesitantly asked if he can take a picture with us. So we did... but this is the day I chose not to have my camera with me... so this keitai pic would have to do.

Good boys. Heather would've been proud!


heather said...

wow, i am very proud..the boys were always fun to talk to out of school, they usually could speak pretty well when they didnt have to do it in front of the class. i miss joyfull and the tori ten teshoku

Sandy said...

Yeah... we miss you too. Joyfull is just not the same without you heather! Next time I'll have the tori ten teshoku for you~

medea said...

Good job Heather!

spookydonkey said...

Shiiiiit, the reason those boys speak so damn well is cos they were MY JHS students! Ha!

Spooky D.

Thank you, thank you. You're too kind. No, really, stop giving me all the credit. I couldn't have done it without my baseball bat and lots of tequila.