Sunday, December 25, 2005

'Tis the season to send Nengajo

Just like what I said in my presenation at the midyear conference in Chiba last month, I send out nengajos every year when I'm in Japan. And this year, man oh man, I have twice as many people to send out... After 1 year and a half in Kanoya, I've gotten to know quite alot of people, and then... yes, gotta send them nengajos too.

And I went a bit overboard.. so here is what they look like :p
I love those glittering gels... and the cute stickers... man, maybe next year I'll just get the conbini people to print out nengajos for me... making these takes a looooong time. I just hope that I get as many as I sent out on new years day :p


medea said...

OMG- those are soooo cute. And you have written so much, and in perfect lines! I am so ashamed, there is no way I can show you one of my nengajo now!

Sandy said...

I tend to go overboard when it comes to nengajos, and I'm actually worried that people are gonna think them too 派手. But that's my style anyways...

heh heh~