Thursday, January 11, 2007

Happy New Year!

It's been awhile... I know.

Okay, so it's 2007. This year is supposedly my last year in Kanoya as a CIR. However, the recontracting policy has changed and now all JETs are allowed to recontract up to 5 years if their COs want them to stay... I was all ready to leave... but now I've decided to stay. Yep, another year in Kanoya.

I thought I was ready to leave. guess not :p

My new year resolution of 2007:

-eat healthy and exercise more.

I realize that if I make too many goals I'm not gonna achieve them all. So, just this one. I figure if I don't have my health, all the other ones would be moot points anyways.

Oh, and I'll definitely update this blog more from now on. hee hee

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