Monday, May 30, 2005

Kingdom of Heaven ~ A film review

Went to Kag city to see "Kingdom of Heaven" with Maru-chan yesterday.

Perhaps because I didn't have too much expectation of the film, I was quite impressed with it.

Maru-chan only wanted to see the movie because it was Orlando Bloom (and I'll bet more than 80% of the people in the theatre were in it for the same reason too...), but I was actually curious how they would treat the crusades theme as a movie, especially a time like ours.

With the war going on in the middle east, and the unnecessary declaration of the "holy wars," I think the movie did a great job of managing to tell the stories about both religions quite nicely. Not to place any blame on either side, but to state the fact of how we alter what religion has meant for us.

I'm neither Christian, nor a Muslim. However, I believe that fundamentally, all religions are the same. Be it Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, or Shintoism, Peace is the ultimate meaning for a religion to exist.

Whether it's to achieve peace between one man to another, or just peace within one's self.


Anyhoo, enough about the serious topic.

I thought the film was quite nicely done with great cinematography and awesome soundtrack~ The sound effect is definitely a great plus in the film. Well it is Ridley Scott, and the style is pretty similar to "The Gladiator." I can't help but compare the two.

Orlando Bloom is over-rated as Balian of Ibelin. He's supposed to be this troubled, emotionally disturbed guy who lost his child and his wife, in that order. He had to burden the responsibility of protecting the kingdom, yet he did it all without showing any emotion, other than the time when he was knighting the men in the wall so they would fight with honour. (not that they wouldn't without being knighted anyways...)

David Thewlis(the guy who also played Prof. Lupin in PoA of HP) caught my eyes and I couldn't remember who he was... until I came back and checked imdb. Hee hee...I knew I'd seen him somewhere~

Liam Neeson was a great Godfrey (considering his character is the only fictional one, he did an awesome job!), and he certainly shined in the limited screen time.

I had read quite a few reviews before going to the theatre and most of them are mixed reviews, either praising the film's artistic aspect, or just bash Bloom's incapability of carrying an epic film this big.

Oh well, all in all, the film was definitely worth seeing in a big theatre. The sound effect alone is worth the ticket price.

Oh yeah, and Orlando is pretty hot too. Just so we've got straightened out.

*** (out of 5)

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