Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Yay! GOLDEN WEEK~~~~~~

Yay~ I never thought Golden Week in Japan would be so awesome!

Last time when golden week came when I was in Japan, I was still a student... so can't really take days off as there were still classes... Didn't think it was appropriate to take days off... :p Now since I have piled up so many of my paid leaves... I gotta take some time off...

Otherwise I would totally go crazy at work. Especially when there's absolutely NOTHING TO DO!

So, today i wrote up the stuff to ask for vacations.. and there it was. None of the top people were there so I didn't really have endure any questions as to where I'm going or what I'm gonna do.

Made the website of my CIR HP a bit better with some materials. I think I really have to gather the information to make the cell phone site better... oh yeah, I've been creating this HP that people can access from their keitai (cell phone). It's alot of fun and definitely a challenge. But I always love doing things like this. hee hee~

Ah, the fun of internet. I'm totally addicted to blogging... again... now keeping the Japanese one too... oi, this is gonna be really bad for my eyes.

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