Friday, April 15, 2005

Heather just came over and we did a little "The Amazing Race" marathon~ I gotta say.. it's alotta fun when you watch the show with somebody... cuz if I just watch it by myself, it's usually me talking to myself... You really need somebody with you so you can laugh and yell together. It was definitely fun time!

Today at work I didn't really "work"... as I was writing and checking postings of my Japanese blog all day long. I had to hide them and pretend that I was making my English conversation class curriculum (which is not even urgent at all.. for another month!). I was feeling so guilty, but seriously... without blogging, I have NOTHING to do at work! My new supervisor is still at his training session and there's no school visits for me yet. No translations, no nothing! I had to find something to do.

Anyways... I was hoping that if I pick up blogging again, like two years ago, friends back home can read it and see what's going on here in Kag, Japan. And my gal friends in Edm (yes, Jenny and Pam, you two~) can get to know about Japan a bit more too! Since Jenny will be coming to visit me next year!!! whoohoo~~~

ah... gotta fold my now clean laundry... was a nice sunny day~ ah~

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