Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Apple TV in the house!

Apple TV has arrived!!

We had been thinking of getting it ever since we helped Goto-sensei set up his Apple TV 2 weeks ago...

Apple TV arrived earlier yesterday morning and the hdmi cable came later cuz I had to order it separately on Amazon. As soon as it arrived, Masahiro convinced me to connect them on my own... At first I thought it's gonna be all fussy and hard but it turns out to be piece of cake!

The setup was done within minutes.., I think it took me more time for finding the jack of hdmi cable behind our TV.. Hee!

We watched a few indie short films and YouTube videos... Fanatastic resolution too.

We just need to get Ethernet cable to make sure the streaming is faster for mirroring... The mirroring for Hulu+ is slow and botchy with just Wifi...

Once it's fixed... Yay Hulu on TV!!!

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