Saturday, June 25, 2005

Going to a Japanese wedding!

Finally, I'm going to a real wedding as a grown up... in Japan! (I don't know why but there are so many first times in Japan... first time on an ambulance, first time on TV, first time going to a wedding...)

The Japanese way of doing things is really complicated and it gets more confusing when it comes to celebrations or ceremonial things...

For the wedding, we can't cheap out and buy presents, but we have to put 20,000 yen in a special envelope and then write our name on it with the caligraphy pen.

Ladies should not wear a white dress or anything that can be considered white (like off-white or ivory) because it's the bride's colour. I'll be wearing a pink kinda summer dress and with a shawl from Comme Ca ism. Oh and my pink stilettoes are really cute too. hee hee

I'll write about it after tonight. Oh yeah btw, we'll be doing a dance number "Oyome Samba"... so stupid. Especially we're all doing it together (the office people). I wonder how many other CIRs are this involved in the stupid affairs (or they just don't think that the foreigner should be "discriminated" in this situation anyway...?)

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