Friday, June 17, 2005

Very Very AYASHII...

So, I went to K elementary school for a school visit, taught the kids colours and played bingo games with them. The gokiburi game, as usual, was a hit. The 3rd grade teacher is really cute... hmmm... hee hee~

Then when I got back to the office, I found my supervisor kinda bustling about and was really relieved when he saw that I was back before 2pm. He said that there is this foreigner lady who needs her documents translated for downstairs, and he thought that I wouldn't be back until 2pm (as K elem always goes until 1pm and I just take my lunch break at home until 2pm), but today there were only two classes, so I got back early to the office. I thought I would be a nice civil worker and get back to city hall first instead of taking the extra 20 mins before lunch.

Okay, so the two philipina ladies showed up with these documents, one being a birth certificate and one being a marriage contract from Phillipines.

One lady (who looks vaguely familiar) speaks Japanese and she did all the talking, but then the other (whose documents I'd be translating) could only speak Phillipino (or English) refused to talk to me at all, even in English. Basically the bitchy lady is going to get married but she had to prove that her husband back home died before, so she's free to married again, in Japan. So I grudgingly accepted the documents right when the lunch bell chimed (I get really pissed when my lunch time is interrupted, doesn't matter by whom, especially when I already planned to have pasta at home...).

I got a cup noodle from the shop in the basement and ate it quickly while people made fun of me and said that it would never fill me (don't I know it!). Then I got right into the translating...

I basically just translated the important stuff; however, the documents were just really wordy and basically mean really simple things.

Then they came back and I gave them both copies (with my names at the bottom and I had to put my inkan, personal seal, on every single page) of the translated ones and the originals. That's when the ayashii part started.

The lady who could speak Japanese asked if my supervisor could check if she writes the kanji right. Then we checked to see what document she's writing... It's application of marriage for Jp gov't...for the other lady whose documents I'd been translating. ah, interesting, wait it gets better.

The lady who speaks Japanese (ah, let's call her lady A) already filled out one side of the witness part and she's going to fill out the other side so she can submit it downstairs. I told her that it should be filled out by the person himself as a witness. Then the lady A told me that she has his inkan because he's her husband. But then she also said that she needs to call him to ask for his address because he doesn't live here, but the city. OH, even more interesting...

After that's done, we sent them downstairs again...

And they came back only 10 mins later, saying that they need the death certificate of the deceased husband translated as well...

I actually handled it pretty well. (I actually smiled to be polite)

I translated it quickly until the line of cause of death--Undertermined.... ooooh.... I see...

And it seems like the document was incomplete.

At that point, I was just too annoyed to care, and my supervisor and I just wanted to get rid of them as soon as possible.

So off they go with their documents. The Lady A actually asked how much she should pay me... hmmm...

Anyways... so that's that.

and, there's also that Chris thing... ah... it's a long story again. It's good enough after I've ranted to N, J, and H.

So later in the evening, I went to Bluemoon Cafe with Nanette, Joe, Heather, Misa(J's JTE), and Ikeda (N's JTE). It was quite nice and I had really good Sri Lanka Curry~ not that spicy, just that I required quite a large amount of water while consuming it... :p

Misa went to Australia for a year as an exchange student, and she has a wicked Aussie accent, actually to be precise, according to N, Misa has a Sydney accent, like Nej Mike. I just thought the way she talked was really cute. And she actually understands what we're talking about. Unlike some other JTEs who pretend they know what we're talking about when in fact they have no idea and just too shy to ask.

Had another nice blue drink called "Blue Moon." As I ordered it, the waitress asked me, "It's really strong, are you sure?" I thought alright, I'll just have one drink and that should be ok. Then when she brought the drink she asked me again... okay...

Basically it's gin and some kind of blue liquer... nothing to blend it... full alcohol. But I wasn't that drunk, since I didn't really drink quickly at all. I just sipped a little by little.

Finally when she came to get the glass, the waitress was surprised and said:"oh, you're strong!" wow... did people get too drunk off this "Blue Moon" cocktail before??

Oh yeah, and as we were talking and stuff, suddenly all the lights went off... enjoyed a nice moment of darkness and the nice view of the ocean until the light was turned back on.

Talked about how pigs actually don't sweat, as a result, the saying "sweating like a pig" is actually incorrect. And according to H, the saying should be "sweating like a stuck pig." After that J and N enlightened us about how dogs can't look up, like at the sky and stuff. Yeah, we talk about all the intelligent topics there are~

Bluemoon Cafe is quite nice, H kept saying that she wants to go back again. I want to as well, to taste their Thai yakisoba. H's smelled soooo good!

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