Friday, June 03, 2005

The office welcome party, again

Well, just got back from the office welcome party for Kamizono san (whom I seldom talked to until today he acted like he knows me really well...) from the Rose Section (where they use rose to make Kanoya a more tourist friendly city).

I was actually a bit worried before going cuz of the incident awhile ago... (an incident that can be considered sexual harrassment)... But it turned out not too bad.

Stupid Higo-san is the kanji and he made up these tiny papers for us to draw for our seats... stupidest thing I've ever heard. I ended up sitting in front of Iwamoto-an and next to Sakamoto-san (kakaricho) at the end of the other table. It went pretty good and we had some good laughs then we finished the party...

I was already thinking that okay, so the nijikai (the second party) would be karaoke... since it's always been that. I don't really wanna go to another place for alcohol... it's pointless and cost way too much money.

We were all waiting downstairs and none of the top people came down... Minoda-san said that maybe we can just go ahead and they can just join later. So Minoda-san, Shinmiya-san, Yamanaka-san, Kawahara-san and I went to bull-echo karaoke and were having so much fun, and that's when the phone call started...

Kuragasaki-san started calling Minoda-san and Kawahara-san endlessley and just wanted us to join them. They were at another Izakaya and want us to go there instead of them coming to Karaoke... I really didn't want to go drink more, especially that's what we just did! At least do something different for nijikai... but I suppose in a small town like Kanoya, drinking is always the way to go... :p

Anyways, Kawahara-san and Minoda-san decided to go, Yamanaka-san and Shinmiya-san just got taxi to go home... Bull echo is really close to my place, so I split as soon as I got close to my place. I was so happy :) didn't have to feel so guilty about it, especially since I really REALLY didn't want to drink any more than I already did. The biggest plus is that I don't have see any of them until next Thursday~~ hee hee am going to the Re-contracting Conference in Tokyo for 3 days from Monday. yippee~~

So now am watching the TW drama DVDs that I borrowed since last Saturday. It's so stupid and the girl who's supposed to be an ABC... she sounds SO not ABC... and she wears so much makeup! Actually all the girls wear lots of makeup. It's scary... man, maybe when I get back, I'll get the shock of my life... oi

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