Saturday, August 27, 2005

Back in Kanoya... facing the reality...

Well, I know that I had a looooong vacation... and I should be happy that I even got to take times off to see my family (compare to alot of people in my office..) But, 10 days is JUST NOT ENOUGH!! Especially when you know that your family are still touring in Tokyo, having fun without you... :(

Anyways... I'm back to Kanoya, immediately resuming the regular work schedule, eikaiwa classes, meetings, unexpected nonkatas... It's all good.

I'm working on getting my pictures uploaded to either this blog or another space so we can all share what Taiwan is like~ So stay tuned!

(BTW, I think I ate really REALLY too much and it's not even funny anymore. I need to do some serious working out...)


medea said...

Nonkata- teeheehee.
Glad to see you back safe and sound. Pictures please!

Sandy said...

Thanks! well I'm working on it... hopefully soon!

Yeah, the "nonkata" eh?