Monday, August 01, 2005

The Karate Kids in Kag

Yesterday I went to volunteer at this karate tournament event in the city... and I took a few pictures of the event.

The event itself turned out not exactly as what I thought it would have been...and I was a bit disappointed. So I ended uptalking to Mike the whole time. Especially since he's gonna go back, so it's quite nice to hang out with him for a bit before he goes home.

So here are some of the pictures I took... Mostly not that interesting.. but ah, that's all I did anyways...

Here, Mike... for you~ (I don't wanna say anything offensive about this picture, so I'll let Mike tell you all about this picture.. I'm sure he'll have it on his blog as soon as I uploaded this. Posted by Picasa


spookydonkey said...

Thanks for the picture Sandy! It's now on my blog as well, for all to see and admire. Frickin' drunks!

Spooky D.

p.s. - you should've heard what Ono told me on the phone before I came to the soubetsukai tonight...JESUS!!

Sandy said...

Love your blog entry! Especially the Actard thing, hee hee~ that's awesome.

medea said...

I totally saw you on Sunday evening! You and Mike were walking out of the Judoshitsu, and I thought "hey, I should go introduce myself to Sandy, and tell her how much I love her blog". But then I was reminded of how I had spent the day stalking a certain famous Joshipro, and was overcome with shame. So I didn't say anything. Until now. Hi Sandy!

Sandy said...

Oh wow!! You were there too?? hee hee I don't think I've seen a picture of you... so I didn't recognize you. Did you enjoy the karate tournament? It was a bit of letdown for me and Mike... I guess we expected a bit too much.