Thursday, February 02, 2006

Oni wa Soto~~

Tomorrow is the Setsubun day for Japan, and the tradition is that people will buy beans and then do the "mame-maki" to get rid of evil spirits. The point is to throw the beans at a Oni (usually if a family is doing it, then probably the father would don a oni mask and the kids would throw the beans on him, all the while yelling:"Oni wa soto! Fuku wa uchi! --Evil be gone! Good Fortune stays in!)" kinda thing. And also there's that part where you would have to eat the same number of beans as your age. Yesterday I got asked by a kid how many I will be eating... :p well, those beans are not my kind of food, so eating whole 25 of them isn't much fun.

Anyways, because of the Setsubun, the daycare centre I went to today did this little ball-throwing game at Oni. I just watched while they did it...(honestly, the teacher didn't even offer me if I wanted to make a ball and throw myself... I don't know... just out of politeness, maybe?) It was kinda cute though, the kids were trying so hard to get the ball into the Oni's mouth. They could do this for like hours and hours and not get tired of it. After watching for about 10 min, I was ready to walk away, away from the sun...

Well, I'm a little better now, but still kinda tired most of the time. Took the afternoon off and did some work at home before I slept the rest of afternoon away. Got up around 6pm, and made myself some nice rice porridge. Finally, I could TASTE!!

Now off to bed again.

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