Friday, June 13, 2003

I can honestly say... that I HATE RAINING SEASON IN JAPAN!!!! >__<

Everyday raining and raining... aaaaaaaaah it's enough! And if it's all nice and cool with the rain, it'd be just fine. But NO, it's hot and humid... *~* I never thought it'd be like this... oh wait a minute, it's just like the raining season in Taiwan. Except this time I'm really firm on not turning on the air conditioner, unlike when I was ten and always whining that it's hot and I couldn't take it anymore. :p Well, since this time I'm the one paying the electricity bill... hee hee~

However, with the raining on and off, I am still jogging during it's not raining. It's actually kinda nice that I started jogging. It'll soon be a week and I can feel that I don't get tired as easily as before. Before I started jogging, I was always sleepy and felt tired easily in class (well... hey...). hmmm let's hope I can keep it up, eh?

Was watching this TV show called "Nakai Masahiro no Kinsuma-tachi" which is hosted by the leader of Smap Nakai, and it's basically about women's secrets. For example, there's this woman who is having an affair with a married man, and she's waiting for her boyfriend to divorce the wife for a very long time. Finally, she couldn' t wait any longer, so she decided to "draw" a message to the wife. While her boyfriend was sleeping, she wrote a message on his back with a permanent marker! And the message said "This is mine! You silly woman! from the Lover." But then it didn't have any effect at all. So she tried other things, like sending the boyfriend's underwear to the wife or even went to the wife's house while the boyfriend is at work and then just started yelling and telling the wife that she's sleeping with her husband! Well, the wife didn't show her face but all the people around the neighbourhood and even the police came. You'd think that she was in trouble now that somebody had call the police... NO! After hearing why the woman's doing this, the police officers sympathized with her and suggested that she can talk to the free counsellor at the city hall. Un-believable! (something is wrong with this society...)

Anyways... the woman felt alot better after declaring her existence, so she's made her peace with the boyfriend still being married to his wife...

Then, there's this another woman who had a secret part-time job that is just outrageous! This woman was living with her boyfriend and working as a part-time staff at a coffee shop, but the income from waitressing was not enough for living. She didn't want to do the hostess thing since she wouldn't have enough time to spend with her boyfriend. So, one night, she's surfing on the net, and "accidentally" found this gay community website. (Yeah, I'm not buying the "accidentally" thing. She was obviously looking for "something"... ) After reading some postings in the message board, she found this posting saying that this guy would like to buy other gay guys' underwears for 20 thousand yen. So, "of course" she took a look at her boyfriend who was fast asleep and had this idea of selling her boyfriend's underwear... She also had to send her boyfriend's picture along with the underwear, otherwise the guys wouldn't buy them... However, after 3 years the woman broke up with her boyfriend, and that left her no source of the tainted underwear, therefore no HIGH income. But then 3 years of her special part-time work, she had 800 thousand yen profit from selling the underwears (and not having to wash them!)! GEEZ... this fetish thing in Japan... Well, maybe you would wonder, didn't the boyfriend suspect anything? Actually, there's one time that her boyfriend found out that his underwear drawer only has a few in it... the woman just sweet-talked him and said "those were all getting old, so I threw them away. don't worry, I'll buy you new ones~" Then she ran to 100 yen shop to get the cheap underwears. hey, if she's gonna make money out of these things, she might as well get cheap ones so she can gain more profits. hmmm... makes you wonder, eh?

Japanese TV is pretty entertaining and full of weird stuff... sometimes educational... sometimes just plain stupid... :p But, very good source to learn Japanese, well, definitely NOT textbook Japanese, anyway~

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