Tuesday, June 10, 2003

slept in today... again.. ||(_ _)|| aaah... was going to have some nice breakfast before I biked to school...

ended up having to ride the bike with an empty stomach... in a very fast speed since I was getting late.

As I was climbing the stairs towards the Faculty of Education building, I was once again whining to myself why I chose an early class of 8:40am... Every Tuesday I wondered what had gotten into me...

Finally got in the classroom on time... the prof was 10 minutes late... ;p aaah.. should've known... he was always late...

SO, it started raining today... Hmmmm, June shower season officially began when I was at my part-time job today. Good thing that I went running before I went to work... wouldn't wanna run in the rain..

OH yeah, did I mention that I'm jogging now?

My new goal is to lose some weight... See, after I came to Japan, I gained so much weight in so little time. It was quite scary when my mom told me that my face was getting bigger!!! Among other things (like trying on clothes and stuff), I decided to go running and watch what I eat. I was going to give up meat all together, but then hey, who are we kidding? I love eating meat :p HOWEVER, I AM cutting back on it. And, I went to the supermarket today and picked up some veggies. Geez, veggies these days are quite cheap! I was surprised and bought quite alot so I can make a salad for myself~

Anywayz, enough blabbing... wish me luck~ This time I AM going to lose weight!!!!! This is a declaration!

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