Sunday, June 08, 2003

okay, I've done a few things today... scrubbed the floor of the kitchen because I am the touban this week (that means cleaning duty), created the MSN group site for GHO, my student group, am chatting with my bud Tracy online. hmmm let me see...anything else that I could do... NOTHING... man, I'm bored out of my mind... *__*

My bud Tracy keeps telling me that I should write a book telling stories... I guess I could since there are just so many things in my life that I want to share with people. Most of the things are funny, stupid things.

like the time when you ride on a bus.

very trivial things, you know? But the trivial things can sometimes get you thinking.

In Edmonton, I try not to ride the bus when it's peak hour cuz it's just crazy in there. You can see so many different kinds of university students.

There'd be those who would hold their big thick textbooks and pretend to read as the ppl sitting next them keep peeking them.

and those girls who'd open their bag and take out their compact cases to touch up their make-up when obviosly the make-up has already covered up 120% of the facial area.

and...there's ALWAYS ones that are sleeping... I sometimes sleep too, especially during winter time. It's really nice~ wrapped up in the winter jacket and sitting in the heated bus... aah.... but those who sleep on the bus should always be aware of people sitting next to them... you don't wanna wake up with your head on somebody's shoulder or... lap..? (ok....don't even wanna imagine that...)

Oh yeah, other than the sleeping beauties, there are also those ones who sit in the back and talk VERY loud, so loud that even the driver would be pissed off. Those are usually high school kids that somehow intimidate me... yes, I am scared :p They usually say the fxxx word about 3 times in a sentence and then make the sound as if they're going to spit on the floor of the bus...

oi... I love taking the bus when it's Sunday morning with not too many ppl on the bus. Looking out the window and see all the houses and people, imagining what they are doing, guess where they're from.

Now that I'm in Japan, and sometimes I have to take the bus when the place where I want to go is a bit too far by bike. Shizuoka bus transit system... suck... REAL bad. It's so expensive as well..and so freaking slow. Now I reside to riding my bike in the dangerous streets just to avoid paying the high price of bus fare. It'd cost me about 10,000yen a month if I take bus to school every weekday, that's about 100 bucks... yeah, 100 bucks! crazy...

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