Sunday, July 17, 2005

Accio HP6!!

Yes yes,... I have the Harry Potter book with me, right next to my seat cushion on my tatami... and I'm glad to say, that I've finished reading "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince"!! yay~~*cue fireworks*

Now, I just want to read the next and the final installment of the Harry Potter series so we don't have to suffer the agony anymore... It's interesting how so many people around the world let these book change their daily routines (like no sleep until finishing the book, or no eating... or worst of all, no bathroom...???!!) Ah, who am I to judge, I am the same.. except, in contrast to the OoTP, I tried to read it slowly so when I finish the book, I wouldn't feel too rushed.

Well, too late, now I'm doing the same thing 2 years ago, read the previous books...

Now reading GOF because 1) the movie is about to come out in November and I wanna make sure that I get my facts straight first before heading the theatre, and then criticize it... ;p (just kidding, I'm sure I'll love the movie all the same); 2) from the book 6, there were many references to the Riddle House, so I wanna see if Rowling got her story right or not... hee hee... am I obsessed or what??!!

Not to worry, people~ for those people who just stumble across my blog... no spoilers warning, means I won't talk about the details or the endings.

However, I will say this. I like this book better than OoTP... and I'm glad that now Harry has grown to know his own strength and his ability. Not only to fight, but also to face his own fear. But I do hope that there is no more death... I can't stand having to cry over the book when it's supposed to give me pleasure reading it!

There, I've said it. Yes, I cried... but then I cried in book 5 too... actually I did in Book 3 as well... (geez, what's wrong with me??!!)


Von said...

Hehehe, no spoilers, eh? I wish that JK Rowling had actually editted this one more. I ended up reading Half-Blood Prince purely for the story, not for the writing (that was the main reason I read the first 5). *sigh* I hope the 7th one is better. I found it rushed at the end, but slow at the beginning, maybe you noticed it too?

Anyways, good stuff... I still think that it makes so much more sense if Harry was a Horcrux himself.

medea said...

I cried too! It was so sad. But I'm sure Dumbledore'll make an appearance in Book 7, if only from the picture in the Headmaster's room.

Do you think they will close Hogwarts?

Sandy said...

I don't think they will close it though... because one of the most important part of the Harry Potter series is the boarding school life, and if the last book is completely without that part, it just seems too weird. However, we can all agree that if the old Voldemort is back in power, there are things more important than passing your N.E.W.T. exam... :p

Oh, and I agree that Dumbledore might make an appearance in his portrait hung in the Headmaster's Office (or maybe the Headmistress, if McGonagall becomes the Head of Hogwarts).