Sunday, July 10, 2005

Cooking Class ~Taiwanese Cuisines~

Okay, I know that being the CIR, I shouldn't be doing so many cooking classes because it wouldn't be fair for the Kanoya people to interact with more gaijiny foreigners. :p But I thought that Japanese people should have a taste of the simple Taiwanese food that they can easily prepared at home.

AND, it turned out to be a great success because they were surprised by how easy it was to make 2 dishes and another veggie stirfry to go with and then the egg drop soup to finish the meal. But then they had to go and put equal portions of different dishes for each person's plate... like the Japanese style. Oh well, whatever, since we're in Japan, I guess they can do whatever they want.

The Dongjian Shian Dofu, one of the dishes today... hmmm needs a bit more sauce, but oh well, it tasted just as nice :)

The Sanbeiji, chicken broiled with sesame oil/soy sauce with ginger pieces... hmmm it was the best! and the people that came all really loved it. Oh and Nanette and Joe said they especially liked this one... and it was the easiest one of them all!!

Ah.... the egg drop soup, it's the best thing to have when finishing up you meal... YES, Taiwanese people have their soup AFTER their meals! Which is another reason why we don't put "dashi" or any fancy stuff in there...

So the event went quite well, and my new supervisor seemed a bit less nervous after the event. Sometimes I feel so guilty that I had to tell him what should be done next... cuz he's just new and really had no idea what to do... But then he's supposed to be my boss...

Anyhoo... well, been trying to finish Order of the Pheonix, so when the Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince comes this Saturday, I'll remember what happened before... so as not to go "huh? who is...? what??"

And, now watching SW EPV: The Empire Strikes Back... the huge white mammoth like machine looks vaguely like the thing in Lord of the Rings... so which one came first? Did Lucas copied Tolkien and stole his idea first? or Peter Jackson got his idea of mammoth creature in The Two Towers from TESB?? hmmm intriguing...

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