Thursday, July 28, 2005

It's been one year since...

... I arrived Kanoya! whoohoo~~~ *que fireworks* and a round of applause...

well.. yep, exactly a year ago I was sitting in this exact spot contemplating whether to strip myself naked and sleep like that on the tatami floor or take another cold shower.

When I first arrived, the air conditioning didn't work, all what came out was just warm nasty air. There was no hot water, so I had to take cold shower (which I didn't mind so much as the weather was hot and humid). And I was overly exhausted from my worst case of jet lag (no pun intended) and also the stupid headache was still there when I bidded all the helpful people at my office goodbye, so they would leave me alone.

Ah... the first day in Kanoya.

Now is the question... why did I recontract again?? hmm...

Oh yeah, that's right, I happen to like this job :p and also the people that I've met over the year... also it would be really cruel of me to abandon my already-very-tense-whenever-we-have-an-event supervisor who had just started working in the city hall this april.

Hmm, so another year in Kanoya, eh?

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