Saturday, July 30, 2005

Alright It's official

Come in September, I'll be teaching at the Jieitai (self-defense army) in Kanoya, with their Eikaiwa club. Yep, there will be tonnes and tonnes of pilots there... hmmm

They told me that they will have to make my identification so I can go in and out of the Navy Base without being questioned much. wow... It should be quite interesting, although a couple of the people at the office were a bit hesitant about it. They thought we shouldn't always agree to whatever the Jieitai wants us to do (especially they are not necessarily always agreeing to our requests... i.e. the fireworks...). But I thought it's fine, just an interesting experience.

Right now it's HUGE rain storm outside... I don't know what happened, but this morning I woke up and there was the strong wind and heavy rain pouring down. I just hope my plants are okay. Ah, who am I kidding, they are long gone since that scorching day 1 week ago.

Was also surfing on the net and realized that the US site for Goblet of Fire is up.. hee hee so I got the supporter kit for Harry in the Triwizard Tournament :)
Yay~ I SUPPORT HARRY POTTER for the Triwizard Tournament~~ Although we already know who's gonna win anyways :p hee hee

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