Friday, July 22, 2005

A Farewell Dinner at Blue Moon Cafe

Okay, so here we are... one year after... and now Jeni, Chris and Heather are going back home, to the place where the people wouldn't stare at them unless they're doing something weird...

I'm glad that they all came to the dinner thing so we can get together at least one last time... Cuz I know it's gonna be really hectic to get together the week before you leave. Well I've been there, ain't I?

It's too bad the lighting was terrible, and I didn't really trust the waitress to take the picture in night shots... so Gary and Daniela are a little hard to see... Well, at least you've got everybody here. Oh and I REALLY have to show you this picture... hee hee

Okay, here's me pulling Rina's "golden hair" on her face... yep, she's got this hair growing out of her face and her mom kept saying that it's good luck hair and she should never pull it out. And Rina always pulls on it and play with it. We were all kidding and touching it. We took a couple pictures of me pulling it... and after this picture, I turned around to talk to Heather, and then I heard "ooops!!"... then turned back to Rina, holding her golden hair, AWAY from her face... Yep, now her mom would be REALLY mad... hmmm It's okay, Rina, I'm sure it will grow back... however weird that would be.

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