Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Yeah, talk about being a Kagoshima-jin!

Just about couple minutes ago, Kodama san came and held a cup of red liquid then said, "Sandy, you wanna try some?" As I took the cup and gave it a smell... I instantly realized that it was more than just red liquid... It was shochu! The shochu that they have produced as the Rose flavoured shochu...

So as not to be rude, I drank it up (it was only about 3 sips or so), but then the strong smell of shochu is still lingering in my mouth... Now trying to drink as much green tea as possible... And, it's only 3 pm in the afternoon!!

So, today I did my best to make the Kanoya CIR home page as presentable as possible. However, I decided to slack off and the to do the work and just add whatever links I want it to have. so, there you go! a new homepage! Let me know how you like it :)


medea said...

Rose-flavoured shochu? Hmmm, doesn't sound very appetizing. But I bet I would work harder if they brought shochu around to my desk every afternoon.

Sandy said...

It was definitely the weirdest alcohol flavour I'd ever tasted. But why would a person refuse alcohol during work time... especially if it was by another worker for testing purpose :p